Boat Rentals

boats on first lake

Motorized Fishing Boats

Docked on First Connecticut Lake. Gasoline, oil, and life-jackets are included.  No special license needed.

Boat Details Guest Rates
14' Fishing Boat 5 hp engine recommended for 1-3 people $35 half or $50 full
15' Fishing Boat 8 hp engine recommended for 2-4 people $45 half or $60 full
16' Fishing Boat 10 hp engine recommended for 3-6 people $55 half or $70 full


Kayaks and Canoes

Includes delivery to our waterfront on First Connecticut Lake, a paddle, and life-jacket. 

Boat Details Guest Rates*

Single Kayak

Perception 12.5' is stable and great for all abilities $20 half or $30 full

Double Kayak

Perception 14' works for couples and also older children $25 half or $35 full


Aluminum with padded foam seats  $25 half or $35 full


*Half Day: 8-12:30 ( or earlier with advance notice) or 1-6
Full Day: 8-6 ( or earlier with advance notice)


Paddleboats: FREE

Borrow a life-jacket from the office, and please supervise children.

Dock Slips: Bring Your Own Boat

Guests can reserve  dock space for boats up to 20 feet during their visit.  A public boat launch is located less than 1/4 mile south of our cabins and waterfront. Trailer and car parking are available across the street from our waterfront.


Call or Email to Reserve