Family Time

mooseWildlife Watching

At Ramblewood you’re just as likely to see moose, deer, eagles, foxes, and porcupines as anywhere else in town. Our nature trails always have some signs of wildlife, from coyote scat to moose prints in the mud. We have a game camera on trail #18, so be sure to wave if you pass by! We also have books in the office you can borrow to help you identify different species

In Pittsburg you might also see moose by driving on the roads at dawn or dusk. Route 3 is called “Moose Alley” from here to the Canadian border (16 miles away). There is space to turn around in the parking lot just before you pass through the customs and immigration stop.

Berry Picking

Ramblewood Recommends: Spend an hour picking berries in the morning, then buy a frozen crust from Young’s and enjoy pie after dinner

At Ramblewood a variety of natural berries grow. Near Moosewood and Mountain Ash cabins you might find wild strawberries in June, while blueberries and raspberries can be picked in the field on the right of the driveway up to the office, near the marshmallow roasting bears and sign in summer.


At Ramblewood you can search for our two geocaches on the property. Leave a item, and take one of the small exchanges that other geocachers leave. The GPS coordinates for ours and others in Pittsburg can be found at the official website

Games at Ramblewood

Outdoor Games: Borrow our equipment to play cornhole, horseshoes, wiffle ball, a forest scavenger hunt, or shoot hoops at our basketball hoop near the office.

Indoor Games: Billiards (free to play) as well as a lending library of carefully curated titles for your vacation reading pleasure. We also have board games and puzzles available to borrow and bring back to your cabin.